Specialty Cooking

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Unified Operation

Series 9 and Series 7 ranges each have a matching look and feel with the Series 9 products amplified by connectivity between the products, so all dials light up simultaneously.

Specialty Cooking
To Match Your Grill

Complement your outdoor lifestyle with grills and accessories that are designed to match and work together intuitively. Both Series 9 and Series 7 ranges have cooking attachments with a matching look to complete your outdoor kitchen. Storage, refrigeration and heating options give you a full outdoor kitchen suite.

Power Burner

Perfect for deep frying, wok cooking and rapid boiling.

The Power Burner delivers powerful heat with exceptional control, perfect for large steam pots. From the intensity of 70,000 BTUs to the precise control of 1,300 BTUs, DCS grills are ideal for rapid boils to gentle simmers.

The Power Burner grates are specially designed to provide stability for pots and woks of all sizes, reducing the need to adjust them. Grates can also be separated into two parts to make cleaning easy.

Made from durable, cast brass, the burner is designed to withstand high temperatures and all types of weather.

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Hand wearing heat resistant glove, holding a steaming basket with boiled seafood

Boiling & Deep Frying

Boiling and deep frying call for a strong flame. Boiling large volumes of liquid takes precious time, and a rolling boil can quickly drop to a simmer once the ingredients hit the water. Delivering up to 70,000 BTUs per burner, DCS grills give a strong, consistent boil for faster cook times.

Vegetables being wok-cooked atop of a DCS Power Burner

Wok Cooking

There are few cooking techniques more perfectly suited to the grill than wok cooking. The thick cast iron calls for a strong flame – hot enough to heat the entire wok evenly throughout the duration of the cook.


Get a flat surface perfect for searing.

Bring more cooking options to your outdoor kitchen with quick cooking on the griddle. Cook different foods at the same time with precision thermostatic control, separate temperature zones and even heat distribution.

Designed to withstand high temperatures, the DCS Griddle plate is made from durable, 8mm thick 304 stainless steel.

Clean up is simple due to the griddle's removable slide out drip tray. For your safety, a flame failure device cuts the gas if a burner goes out.

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Top view of meat, seeds and vegetables served in dishes on a table

On The Flat Top

A griddle dramatically extends the repertoire of the outdoor cook, for cooking everything from pancakes and bacon to fish and vegetables. Because the griddle surface conducts more heat, it is more responsive – perfect for more delicate proteins.

Stainless steel saucepan atop of DCS Sideburner


Time sides and sauces to perfection.

Create the perfect sauce, finish individual steaks with a quick sear, or cook the perfect side dish to any meal with high BTU side burners. Perfect for smaller cooks and when you want to retain temperature in the main chamber of the grill.

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All Grill

Add grilling space to your outdoor setup.

When the size of the cook calls for more space on the grill, the All Grill extension provides ample space to time every element of your dish to perfection. There is no need to batch cook, leaving your perfectly cooked proteins to dry out while cooking the next round.

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