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The Art of Grilling

Handcrafted for serious cooks, DCS Grills smoke, sear, rotisserie, bake and slow cook for all round exceptional cooking performance. Match your skill with the ultimate in outdoor grilling. Combine with a full range of outdoor components to create your ultimate outdoor kitchen.

Perfect Results

With an obsessive focus on cooking, we design and engineer grills and specialty cooking attachments that deliver perfect results — whether that is a well-seared steak or meltingly tender ribs. Intuitive to use, innovative in their design and built to stand the test of time, DCS sets the standard in outdoor kitchens for serious cooks.


To achieve professional results you need a grill that delivers for all occasions. Our Series 11 DCS grills comprise of four distinct primary cooking systems – grill system, charcoal system, sear system and a rotisserie system – providing a versatile tool that caters to many methods of cooking. Bring the flavors and flourishes of restaurant quality dishes to the home.

Grill System

The primary cooking system is comprised of four fundamental components and designed for ultimate power and control.

Stainless steel grates make up a cooking surface designed to absorb and transfer heat from the ceramic rods below, with rails that channel away cooking fats and grease to reduce flare-ups or an over-carbonized food surface. Each of the two sides has a unique profile. One side is designed for larger surface contact, perfect for vegetables and delicate proteins such as fish. The other grate surface is engineered in a ‘W’ shape, with deeper channels that help to create those iconic dark sear lines while capturing grease in a trap at the front edge.

Radiant tray & ceramic rods
These cooking systems work in unison to distribute the burner heat evenly. The radiant tray encourages the hot air from the burner to be distributed evenly across a cooking zone, and ultimately, up to the grilling surface. Hollow ceramic rods also contribute, absorbing the hot air from below and re-radiating the infrared energy through the gaps in the grill grates and into the food.

Gas 'U' burner
Powering your grill is the ‘U’ burner, a shape optimized for consistent gas flow, and able to provide precise control over low and high temperatures. These high-powered burners can deliver up to 25,000BTU each.

Charcoal System

The tradition of charcoal cooking combines with the technology of a modern grill. Swap out the radiant tray and ceramic rods for your charcoal tray, which is heated by the powerful gas-driven ‘U’ burner.

Round grate design
The real benefit of charcoal is the ability to add a natural smoky flavor to your food. A round-bar cooking grate allows infra-red heat to rise while encouraging the dripping of cooking fat and juices onto the hot coals below, where it vaporizes and adds a natural smoke to your cut of meat.

Charcoal smoker tray
A W-shaped tray with adjustable vents helps the charcoal last longer. Customise your cut with wood chips such as oak, hickory or mesquite placed directly on the coals. Each helps to create a unique, smoky barbeque flavor that enhances your proteins.

Gas 'U' burner
Enjoy the ease of instant gas flame ignition with the ‘U’ burner, a shape optimized for consistent gas flow, and able to provide precise control over low and high temperatures that can deliver up to 25,000BTU each.

Sear System

Achieve professional results with a variety of ingredients using the specialized cooking zone known for its intense heat and rapid searing capabilities. The sear system’s design ensures even heat distribution and minimal impact on internal textures, balancing speed, precision, and flavor enhancement.

Round grate design
Large gaps between the round rod grate allow for the perfect contact to infra-red heat transfer ratio for a fast and effective Maillard reaction that produces flavor, aroma, and a perfectly browned crust.

Sear burner
The unique rectangular burner generates a concentrated volume of heat through tightly spaced ignition ports, ensuring a faster heat-up profile compared to conventional grill systems. A mesh-shielded tray above the flame ports safeguards the burner from drippings.

Rotisserie System

Evenly cook generously-sized proteins such as whole poultry, roasts, or sides within a basket.

Rotisserie rod
The full width, stainless steel rotisserie shank provides versatility to cook over heat sources. When not in use it can be conveniently stored under the drip pan handle.

A heavy-duty motor is capable of supporting up to a 50 lb. weight, for larger cuts of meat.

Infra-red burner
The Rotisserie has a dedicated full width 18,000 BTU infra-red burner for even, direct radiant-heat cooking. Located along the rear wall of the grill, it is positioned close enough to the food for a crisp exterior, but far enough away to not burn the exterior of food before the interior is done.


We are cooks too. We want to help you create your own unique flavors, experiences and memories. Master the outcome through your knowledge of ingredient selection, cooking method, temperature control, cooking zones and flavor.

Applying The Perfect Heat

DCS grills are designed to give absolute control across a range of cooking techniques. Precision placed independent burners combine with a lid profile purpose designed to give the optimal convection flow for even distribution of hot air.
For the weekend gourmet the options are near limitless. Where space is a necessity, the DCS grill offers plenty of primary and secondary surface areas for large quantities of food.
For the experimental mavericks among us, multiple heat sources allow you to take control of the cooking process. Whether you prefer a lower and slower cook over gas or charcoal, DCS Grills give you the power and flexibility to develop and enhance the flavors of dishes to your liking.


With long slow cooks such as smoking briskets or braising shanks, the ability to maintain consistent temperatures and manage heat distribution is key. DCS grills create a perfect seal to minimize heat loss while controlled heat from the U-shaped burners helps to maintain stable temperatures.


Medium heat cooking is all about the balance of power and placement. The secondary cooking zones above the DCS grill surface provides the perfect balanced environment for achieving deeper color without overcooking, resting the seared steaks, or poaching anything from fish to fruit.


From searing over charcoal to using infrared on the rotisserie, high temperature cooking is about harnessing the power of the grill. Whether developing the perfect crust on a prime rib, quickly searing a tuna steak or reverse-searing a roast, this is where the exceptional power of the DCS grill truly shines.

Close up of seared meat on DCS grill


The perfect sear requires an extreme heat and even temperatures across the cooking surface. Searing meat seals in juices, cooking the meat more consistently from the inside. DCS grills give cooks the power and control to achieve restaurant quality results.

Charcoal grilled eggplants

Charcoal Grill

Enjoy a distinctive smoky barbecue flavor by grilling on the cooking grate directly over charcoal. Use this as the heat source for skewers or lower and slower cooks, before finishing with the convenience and power of gas for a fast, crisply seared crust.

Close up of roasted whole chickens being glazed on rotisserie grill


The rotisserie is one of the most effective ways to achieve the perfect crispy crust on roasts with absolute consistency. Rotisserie cooking calls for a high-quality power source – strong burners capable of keeping the grill cavity at a high and even temperature for meats that are cooked to perfection.

Close up of smoke wood chips on DCS grilll


The flavor and complexity smoke imparts is something that cannot be achieved by any other method. There is a remarkable depth that can be developed, whether using the more assertive and smoky hickory or oak, or the sweeter notes of maple and cherry. DCS grills are designed to create the clean smokes needed for the perfect cook.

View of braised shredded beef on wooden board


Nothing showcases the versatility of a DCS grill like braising. Take the grill to full power for an aggressive sear, before dialing the temperature back to low heats with incredible consistency to achieve the slow and even cooking that makes for a perfect braise every time.


While baking is an exacting science, DCS grills can add signature flavor profiles that will elevate your dish to an art form. With uniformity of heat across every zone of the grill, breads build a beautiful crust and pastries turn out perfectly flaky.