5 year warranty on any four piece package

Promotion Details

Purchase any four qualifying DCS appliances between August 01, 2017 - December 31, 2017 and register online here to receive a 5 year warranty on all products purchased.

To receive the full 5 year warranty which includes the additional 3 years you need to register your appliances here within 60 days of purchase, delivery or closing.

Purchaser must only purchase one product from each major category to complete their four piece package to receive the 5 year warranty.

You must register your claim online by March 01, 2018.

Promo code: DCSW2017

Eligible Products

Category Model
CoolDrawer RB36S25MKIW
Fridge RF201ACJSX1
Fridge RF201ACUSX1
Fridge RS36A72JC1
Fridge RS36A72UC1
Fridge RS36A80JC1
Fridge RS36A80UC1
Fridge RS36W80LJC1
Fridge RS36W80RJC1
Fridge RS36W80RUC1
Category Model
Range RDV2-304-L
Range RDV2-304-N
Range RDV2-305-L
Range RDV2-305-N
Range RDV2-364GD-L
Range RDV2-364GD-N
Range RDV2-366-L
Range RDV2-366-N
Range RDV2-485GD-L
Range RDV2-485GD-N
Range RDV2-486GD-L
Range RDV2-486GD-N
Range RDV2-486GL-L
Range RDV2-486GL-N
Range RDV2-488-L
Range RDV2-488-N
Range RGV2-304-L
Range RGV2-304-N
Range RGV2-305-L
Range RGV2-305-N
Range RGV2-364GD-L
Range RGV2-364GD-N
Range RGV2-366-L
Range RGV2-366-N
Range RGV2-485GD-L
Range RGV2-485GD-N
Range RGV2-486GD-L
Range RGV2-486GD-N
Range RGV2-486GL-L
Range RGV2-486GL-N
Range RGV2-488-L
Range RGV2-488-N
Category Model
Cooktop CDV2-304H-L
Cooktop CDV2-304H-N
Cooktop CDV2-304-L
Cooktop CDV2-304-N
Cooktop CDV2-365H-L
Cooktop CDV2-365H-N
Cooktop CDV2-365-L
Cooktop CDV2-365-N
Cooktop CPV2-304-L
Cooktop CPV2-304-N
Cooktop CPV2-364GD-L
Cooktop CPV2-364GD-N
Cooktop CPV2-366-L
Cooktop CPV2-366-N
Cooktop CPV2-485GD-L
Cooktop CPV2-485GD-N
Cooktop CPV2-486GD-L
Cooktop CPV2-486GD-N
Cooktop CPV2-486GL-L
Cooktop CPV2-486GL-N
Cooktop CPV2-488-L
Cooktop CPV2-488-N
Wall Oven WODV2-30
Wall Oven WOSV2-30
Warming Drawer WDV2-30
Warming Drawer WDVI30
Category Model
DishDrawer DD24DI7
DishDrawer DD24DTI7
DishDrawer DD24DV2T7
DishDrawer DD24STI7
DishDrawer DD24SV2T7
DishDrawer DD36STI2
Category Model
Downdraft HD30 + HBD6001
Downdraft HD36 + HBD1200E
Range Hood ES-30
Range Hood ES-36
Range Hood IR30
Range Hood IR36
Range Hood IR48
Range Hood VDC-1230
Range Hood VDC-1236
Range Hood VDC-1248
Range Hood VDC-630
Range Hood VDC-636
Range Hood VDC-648
Range Hood VS-1236
Range Hood VS-30
Range Hood VS-36
Range Hood VS-48