Wall Oven + Cooktop + Fridge Promotion

Promotion Details

Purchase any DCS Wall Oven AND any DCS Rangetop/Drop-in Cooktop AND any DCS Refrigerator in a single transaction from a participating retailer, between June 01, 2016 - July 31, 2017 and receive a free Double DishDrawer™ Dishwasher OR two single DishDrawer™ Dishwasher valued up to $1998 OR a $500 rebate.

You must register your claim online by August 31, 2017.

Registering your claim is easy

Fill out the claim form by providing the required information, a copy of your proof of purchase and if your claim is approved we will send you your rebate within 45 days of approval email.

Eligible Products

Category Model
Refrigerator RB36S25MKIW
Refrigerator RF201ACJSX1
Refrigerator RF201ACUSX1
Refrigerator RS36A72JC1
Refrigerator RS36A72UC1
Refrigerator RS36A80JC1
Refrigerator RS36A80UC1
Refrigerator RS36W80LJC1
Refrigerator RS36W80RJC1
Refrigerator RS36W80RUC1
Category Model
Oven WODV2-30
Oven WOSV2-30
Category Model
Cooktop CDV2-304H-L
Cooktop CDV2-304H-N
Cooktop CDV2-304-L
Cooktop CDV2-304-N
Cooktop CDV2-365H-L
Cooktop CDV2-365H-N
Cooktop CDV2-365-L
Cooktop CDV2-365-N
Cooktop CPV2-304-L
Cooktop CPV2-304-N
Cooktop CPV2-364GD-L
Cooktop CPV2-364GD-N
Cooktop CPV2-366-L
Cooktop CPV2-366-N
Cooktop CPV2-485GD-L
Cooktop CPV2-485GD-N
Cooktop CPV2-486GD-L
Cooktop CPV2-486GD-N
Cooktop CPV2-486GL-L
Cooktop CPV2-486GL-N
Cooktop CPV2-488-L
Cooktop CPV2-488-N