Season Sear Serve

DCS ranges are designed with restaurant-grade features.

DCS hand-built ranges are powerful enough to reach high temperatures quickly, and precise enough to maintain exact temperatures.

Some models include separate stations for grill, griddle and cooktop cooking modes. The grill station features the DCS Grease Management System™ grease channeling technology that drains fat away from food during cooking and reduces smoke output. The griddle station features an electro-mechanical thermostat which maintains even temperatures across the entire griddle. Patented Dual Flow Burners™ allow you to fire up a fierce heat in an instant – and just as quickly turn it down to the gentlest of flames.

All gas models incorporate a powerful infrared broiler. The 36" and 48" models can accommodate full commercial-sized baking pans – perfect when you're feeding a hungry crowd.


Range Features


Perfect Heat

Sealed Dual Flow Burners™ unique to DCS appliances put you in control. The 17,500 BTU burner boils fast, yet you can gently simmer sauces on any burner at 140°F.


The large convection oven holds full size baking sheets, while in Dual Fuel models a concealed bake element allows 12% more usable space. A full extension telescopic racking system gives smooth, easy access to the oven.


Easy to Clean

Sealed burners and an encapsulated cooling surface, coupled with a stainless steel finish, make the cooking surface easy to clean. Removable side racks make the oven space easy to clean too.

Information at a Glance

Two powerful incandescent lights brightly illuminate the inside of the oven. All control knobs have an illuminated halo system so you can see what's happening at a glance.

Infrared Broiler

DCS gas ranges have a powerful infrared broiler that delivers up to 19,000BTU and provides intense heat directly to the food. This is perfect for broiling as you can get a crisp skin on food while retaining the moisture inside.

Handle Option

DCS ranges come with a choice of two handle profiles – round or square.