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30" Drop In Cooktop

CDU-304 Brushed Stainless Steel 30"


A small kitchen shouldn’t mean sacrificing performance. The DCS 30” drop-in cooktop features our patented Dual Flow Burners™ that deliver a restaurant-grade 15,500 BTUs, while also allowing you to simmer gently for hours at just 140°.


H 5 1/2" x W 30" x D 21"



  • Brushed Stainless Steel Brushed Stainless Steel


  • Designer fit    

    Designer fit

    This elegant 21" deep cooktop will drop right into any kitchen counter for a truly custom designed feel. With two size options, 36" and 30a€, you have professional cooktop options whether your kitchen is big or small.

  • Easy clean, easy use    

    Easy clean, easy use

    Sealed burners and an encapsulated cooking surface, coupled with the seamless design of the cooktop, make the cooking surface easy to clean and eliminates spills in hard-to-reach spots. Meanwhile,the full coverage, deep-platform style grates allow for easy sliding of larger pots and pans.

  • Ergonomic    


    The unique, ergonomically designed metal knobs offer complete control and at-a-glance confirmation of cooktop temperatures.

  • Total control: Sealed Dual Flow Burners™    

    Total control: Sealed Dual Flow Burners™

    Unique to DCS appliances, put you in control. The powerful center burner (17,500 BTU on the 36" cooktop, and 15,500 on the 30" cooktop) boils faster, yet you can also simmer chocolate on any burner at a gentle 140°.

  • Ventilation    


    One-touch downdraft systems in both the 30" and 36" models offer infinite speed control.

  • Power: Gas (All Models available in Natural or LP Gas)    
  • Gas Cooktop: Sealed Cooking Surface    
  • Sealed, Dual Flow Burners™: 4    
  • Recommended Ventilation: Minimum 600 CFM, DD30- 30” Down Draft,ES30 - 30” E-Pro Vent Hood    
  • Recommended Accessories: CTGP - Drop-in Griddle Plate    

Gas Requirements

  • 1/2 NPT, minimum 5/8” diameter flex line Pressure: 6” to 9” W.C. (Natural), Pressure: 11” to 14” W.C. (LP)    

Power Requirements

  • 120V 60 Hz, 3 wire, 15 amp circuit    

Burner Performance

  • Front right burner: 10,000 Max. Btu/hr / 3,000 Low. BTU/hr    
  • Rear left burner: 11,000 Max. Btu/hr / 3,000 Low. BTU/hr    
  • Rear right burner: 11,000 Max. Btu/hr / 3,000 Low. BTU/hr    
  • Front left burner: 15,500 Max. Btu/hr / 3,000 Low. BTU/hr    
  • All burners can simmer as low as 140° F    

Specification Material

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Support Material

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User Guides

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