Who's the Boss?
You Are


DCS cooktops, with patented Dual Flow Burners™, put you in charge. Fire up a fierce, restaurant kitchen heat in an instant - and just as quickly turn it down to a gentle flame. What's more, the Advanced Grease Management System™ grease channelling technology featured on the griddle/grill models channels grease away from the flame to reduce flare ups, it also makes cleaning up less of a chore.

Drop-In Cooktop Key Features

Designer Fit

This elegant 21" deep cooktop will drop right into any kitchen counter for a truly custom designed feel. With two size options, 36" and 30", you have professional cooktop options whether your kitchen is big or small.

Total Control

Sealed Dual Flow Burners™, unique to DCS appliances, put you in control. The powerful center burner (17,500 BTU on the 36" cooktop, and 15,500 on the 30" cooktop) boils faster, yet you can also simmer chocolate on any burner at a gentle 140°.


The unique, ergonomically designed metal knobs offer complete control and at-a-glance confirmation of cooktop temperatures.


One-touch downdraft systems in both the 30" and 36" models offer infinite speed control.

Easy Clean, Easy Use

Sealed burners and an encapsulated cooking surface, coupled with the seamless design of the cooktop, make the cooking surface easy to clean and eliminates spills in hard-to-reach spots. Meanwhile, the full coverage, deep-platform style grates allow for easy sliding of larger pots and pans.

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