Long before the words sustainability and global warming became commonplace, Fisher & Paykel has been committed to environmentally responsible processes, right across its operations.

This commitment has delivered countless innovations in energy saving. Fisher & Paykel's factories now produce over a million energy-saving appliances a year.

Energy saving features adopted by Fisher & Paykel on appliances include adaptive defrost mechanisms, that activate only when needed in refrigeration and intelligent electronics and unique direct drive motor in Smart Drive™ washing machines.

Since day one Fisher & Paykel refrigerators have used additional insulation to what is required so that less energy is consumed when the fridge is running. The company has also committed to not using materials that are scarce or energy hungry.

In addition to designing energy efficiency into appliances, Fisher & Paykel has incorporated water-saving features, and now some of its top-loading machines are at least as water efficient as front loading machines.

The company's philosophy is not only evident in its end products, but is carried through all aspects of the organisation.

Fisher & Paykel and its people take an active role in government lobbying and are involved in writing industry standards. This includes being instrumental in drawing up the required standards for several appliances.

Fisher & Paykel experts were also involved in the Montreal delegation that worked on CFC riddance and played a key part in developing the Ozone Protection Bill.

Many of Fisher & Paykel's printed communications are printed to care for the environment. In 2008-2009, Fisher & Paykel have reduced C02 emissions by almost 32,000 kg by printing green. This represents a green choice by Fisher & Paykel to participate in the growing movement toward social responsibility.

As a company, Fisher & Paykel is proud to walk the talk on environmental issues. The challenge now is for other New Zealand and overseas-based manufacturers to step up to the mark for the long term good of the environment.